Diving Equipment

Fury Marine is a proud member of Association of Scuba Service Engineers and Technicians (ASSET). We are also an accredited dealer of Aquamundo and Mares. We also offer an EDDY Current method of inspection using the latest electronic equipment from Visual Plus on all cylinder neck threads.

We are now offering our customers HYDROSTATIC TESTING and VISUAL INSPECTION of aluminium and steel scuba cylinders to UK/European standards. We have a qualified IDEST Technician and offer quality and reliable testing with a “Test Certificate” on each cylinder. All work is in accordance the BS EN 1802 (aluminium gas cylinders) or BS EN 1968 (steel gas cylinders).

Every time you make a purchase in our shop, our friendly staff gives a recommendation and advice on how to care for your gear and equipment. This helps you to make sure to care for your equipment and gear. Cared for gear lasts longer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I have to have a Visual Inspection on a cylinder?

Visual Inspection is done every2½ years from the date ofmanufacture or the last test.If this is missed, a hydrostatic test must be conducted.

When do I have to have a Hydrostatic Test on a cylinder?

A Hydrostatic Test is done every 5 years from the date of manufacture. Also if cylinders have tumbled or suspected to have acquired great impact, or is visually dented, it is highly recommended to have a cylinder Hydrostatic Testing.